What you will need to make TWO of these arrangements:
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• 1 Bag of Mediterranean Altar Decor (Optional)
• 1 Bag of Date Altar Decor
• 1 Bag of Fan Altar Decor
• Chicken Wire
• Floral Foam
• 2 Vases

Remember to keep these in water even while on display to avoid drying!

Before beginning to make this arrangement, first cut the stems of the different palms at a 45° angle. Place the different palm stems into a large vase filled with fresh water and allow the palm stems to remain in the water for at least 3 hours prior to making the arrangement. This will allow the palms to draw up water through the stems and help keep the leaves greener and fresher.

While the stems of the leaves are soaking up water, take a piece of wet floral foam that is roughly the size of the mouth of the vase you will be using.

Cut a piece of chicken wire large enough to cover the floral foam (Photo 1).

Wrap the chicken wire around the foam to create an arrangement block (Photo 2). Insert the arrangement block into the mouth of the vase. The arrangement block should fit snugly into the mouth of the vase.

This arrangement is created from starting at the rear and working forward in layers.

Once the stems of the leaves have finished soaking, begin by inserting the fan leaf stem into the rear center of the vase (Photo 3) through the chicken wire ONLY (the larger fan stems usual tear the floral foam).

As you pick up the Date leaf, strip several of the leaves from the bottom of the stem (Photo 4).

Insert two (2) of the Date leaf stems into the arrangement block at 45° angles (Photo 5). If you would prefer to add the "starburst" effect, simply place a Mediterranean leaf stem into the front center of the arrangement block.