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This Texas based palm supplier adheres to a high standard of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.  This 3rd generation family-owned business has been in operation for almost 70 years and knows this business well.  They personally own over 500 acres of palm trees in South Texas!  

In 2004, they donated 322 acres of virgin native brushland in South Texas as permanently protected wildlife habitat.  This provides a permanent safe haven for migratory birds and local animals

Leaves are stripped, counted, graded, and bagged all within the US – unlike most of our competition.  This provides hundreds of important jobs to one of the poorest counties in the United States bordering Mexico.

Ask your church goods dealer for palm leaves only from the oldest, largest, and most respected provider of processed palms in the US located in South Texas.



Long Palm Strips

Short Palm Strips


Decorate the altar with FRESH, 

green palm leaves to bring Your palm sunday Celebration to life!

Mediterranean Fan

Pure Palm Ashes

We package our Pure Palm Ashes in neat, plastic pouches, making distribution easy on Ash Wednesday. These ash measurements have been used for over 50 years!

Mediterranean Processional Fans

The perfect accent for choirs, children's processions and worship leaders, these smaller Mediterranean fan palm leaves are packaged 8 to a bag.


SO Easy -So Elegant!

Palm Altar Décor

It’s easy to create beautiful arrangements with these decorative palms. Clean and convenient to arrange, each bag of Fan and Date Altar Decor includes 4 unstripped palm fronds. The smaller Mediterranean Fan comes 8 to a bag — perfect for any type of arrangement!

Just like fresh flowers, our Altar Décor Palms must be refrigerated until ready to arrange. 

Arrangement 1

Arrangement 2

Arrangement 3

Arrangement 4

Arrangement 5

Arrangement 6

Palm Care Instructions

Altar Decorations

Short & Long Palm Strips

Keep Cool - 45-50 Degrees - Do Not Freeze